28 years of experience
working for landscape improvement

Naturalea is a company specialized in the design and execution of systems for landscape restoration and conservation and urban spaces naturalization, prioritizing the use of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS).
We are pioneers in soil and water bioengineering techniques implementation, both traditional naturalistic engineering and biophysical, plant-based structural engineering. Naturalea has twenty-five years’ experience in the field, with more than a thousand executed works and hundreds of drafted projects developed.

Soil and water bioengineering, a scientific and technical discipline that uses the biogenic properties of some plant species

Soil and water bioengineering is based on the practical merging of knowledge from the science of biology and engineering itself. Also, on the diverse use of living plants, as well as the materials derived from them, while making the most of topography, soil, and microclimate in each case.
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Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), a new smart way to manage urban planning and classical engineering

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) are effective alternatives for mitigating hydrometeorological hazards against classic grey solutions. Due to the loss and limited availability of green spaces in metropolitan areas, and fast urbanisation in recent decades, there is a need to promote sustainable cities for the future.
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Naturalea-University of Bologna Agreement

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Construction of several cribwall krainers in the Turia river

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Naturalea has joined the Catalan Association for the Promotion of the Economy for the Common Good (ACEBC)

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